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Why Should We Have Life Insurance?


Nov 3, 2020
Why Should We Have Life Insurance?

Prepare an umbrella before it rains. This adage seems appropriate to remind that it is important to take anticipatory steps to deal with unexpected situations. This includes insurance. What insurance do you have? Is it sufficient to provide protection against risks that may occur in the future?

Understand life insurance

What is life insurance? In general, life insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a policyholder to provide death benefit coverage to the beneficiaries of the insured’s death. The insurance company will provide a death benefit by considering the premium payment by the insured.

In essence, life insurance provides protection to those you leave behind when you pass away. This is important for those of you who have a family that has been depending on you economically. Coverage and coverage provided through life insurance will provide financial support for the family left behind.

When the main breadwinner dies, the family with children will only be able to cover the cost of living for a few months. It is also important to know the types of life insurance, namely whole life insurance and term life insurance. Whole life is life insurance that provides protection for life.

The reason for having life insurance

With the reason that no one can predict the risks that may occur in the future, everyone is advised to have life insurance. Those who have dependents or those who cover other people, whoever it is, regardless of their age, when they have dependents or cover someone else, then they need life insurance

First, everyone must have protection or protection. We never know what happens next. We can never predict what will happen up front. Second, having life insurance means that we think about those we bear, not ourselves.

There is very little understanding of the need for protection. So you have to really understand. Many think, if I pay, I will lose because I don’t get a return. Remember, insurance provides protection or protection, not returns. When there is no protection, the risk is mainly for those who are left behind. That is, when someone who has economic value in the family is lost, the economy of that one family is also lost,

In addition, there are a number of compelling reasons you should have life insurance:

• Having children If you have or are planning to have children, this is one of the reasons it is mandatory for you to have life insurance. Or, if you haven’t but are planning to have children, now is the perfect time to buy life insurance. The longer you wait to buy a policy, the greater the costs.

• Married If your spouse or future spouse depends on your income to live his life, this is also a very good reason you should have life insurance.

• Become a parent’s financial support Even though you are still single, you also need life insurance, especially if you have been a place where your parents depend financially. A life insurance policy ensures that there is financial support they will get if something happens to you.

• Having a high-risk job. What will happen in the future is unpredictable, but it can be anticipated. For those of you who have a high-risk job, one of the anticipations is to provide life insurance for your family. If something happens to you while working, those who are left behind will be relatively safe.