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When to Use an Advocate Service?


Dec 13, 2020
When to Use an Advocate Service?

I want to ask. I currently have a legal problem. Actually I want to use the services of a lawyer. When will I use the legal services of a lawyer or a lawyer?

Using the legal services of a lawyer or advocate in solving a legal problem is of course highly recommended. Why? Because besides you don’t have to bother thinking about how to solve legal problems that occur, you can also add insight into legal knowledge or legislation.

In everyday life everyone is considered to have committed legal acts. This means that everyone, without exception, is considered to know the applicable laws (laws and regulations). Now the importance of using an advocate’s legal services is when:

  1. Want the best legal solution in the legal case at hand;
  2. No longer able to solve legal problems at hand;
  3. Do not want the actions or steps taken to backfire on oneself, for example, the actions taken actually violate the law and have the potential to harm and even become criminal acts;
  4. Represent our interests before the courts. Advocate is a profession that is given the right and guaranteed by law to represent the interests of the grantor (client), accompany and defend the rights of his clients before the court.
    But of course using the services of an advocate is not only when a problem occurs. For example, when you carry out business transactions, namely to express the rights and obligations of the parties in the form of an agreement, or when you intend to carry out a legal action (sale and purchase, lease, cooperation and so on).

The aim is to ensure that the actions you take are in accordance with the law (to prevent potential legal problems in the future) and of course to protect your rights and interests.