• Fri. May 27th, 2022

What to Do to Become a Successful Corporate Lawyer

What to Do to Become a Successful Corporate Lawyer

Someone underwent a career in the legal world for 15 years. He started his job as a paralegal until now he is a partner in the law firm Makarim & Taira S. For those of you who want to follow in his footsteps of success, here are some suggestions that you can learn to smooth your path as a corporate lawyer.

Having and honing basic skills

Vincent decided to become a lawyer since attending High School because he felt that he had good Indonesian language skills and public speaking. Here are some basic skills that a lawyer must-have.


Every prospective lawyer who just enters the law firm does more research work and translates documents. This is so that junior associates have a strong foundation of understanding when they become partners in the future. “Don’t look down on work like that. The work is important even though it is very small. If the translation is wrong, it can have a long tail, “


When dealing with clients, you must listen carefully. You have to be able to know what the client wants. That way, you can respond, provide answers and legal consultations needed by the client.


According to Vincent, the daily work of lawyers is not as interesting and interesting as that portrayed in various television series. Even in court, they don’t argue too much. “Most only exchange documents,” However, you still need to be able to talk and communicate well when explaining something to the client, arguing and negotiating.


A law graduate must go a long way before becoming a lawyer. Vincent also had to start a job as a paralegal, undergo a career as a junior associate, and move up to become a senior associate. During your career, you can gain knowledge, gain experience, build networks until you finally become a partner. “Everything takes years, it can’t be sudden,”

When a prospective lawyer feels down and intends to surrender, Vincent suggests always remembering the beginning of a career. How does a prospective lawyer feel tired from starting a career?

So, for Vincent, a lawyer’s career such as a marathon race or Formula 1 car racing. You must be consistent and persistent to reach the finish line.

Back to school

assume a master’s degree is not too important to boost the career of a prospective lawyer. However, he always advised the junior associate to return to campus after working for several years at a law firm. As a mentor, Vincent will give full support, writing recommendations for mentees who want to go back to college.

Vincent advised junior associates to choose schools abroad so that they have a wider perspective. Also, prospective lawyers can also hone English language skills with friends from other countries. Foreign language skills will support the work of corporate lawyers who often handle clients from other countries.

prospective lawyers must maintain a balance in life and work. so that junior associates always use time in the office effectively and efficiently. So you can get home from work faster to meet friends, family and do other activities.