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What Costs are Issued in the Divorce Process?


Jan 15, 2019
What Costs are Issued in the Divorce Process?

1. Honor Lawyers

Basically, there is no fixed rate that determines the amount of a lawyer’s honor in a divorce process. The amount of advocate services costs can be determined according to the agreement between the client and the lawyer, in accordance with the Article on Advocates. Typically, a lawyer will offer legal services with two types of payments that his clients can choose according to their needs, namely lump sum (pay cash) or hourly basis (hourly count). The details of the legal costs of hiring an advocate’s services are:

• Honorarium advocate;

•Transport fee;

• Accommodation costs;

•Court fee;

• Trial fees; and

• The cost of a case win (success fee) is around 5-20%.

2. Case Advance Costs

The amount of the down-payment fee varies by region, depending on where you will process/file the divorce case. Well, for example, you will file for divorce from your wife who is domiciled in South Jakarta, then the total down payment fee will be adjusted to the provisions of the South Jakarta Religious Court.

Especially for couples whose religion is other than Islam, filing for divorce can be done at the District Court located in the defendant’s residence. A little note, usually the cost of divorce proceedings in the District Court is slightly different from in the Religious Courts.

3. Registration Fees for Divorce

When the divorce has received an official verdict from the court, then the divorce must be recorded in the Civil Registry. Here, the court (clerk and court official) has the duty to send a copy of the court decision that has permanent legal force / has been confirmed and Quotation of Marriage Certificate, without a seal to the Registrar at the place of divorce.

Furthermore, the Registrar will register the divorce decision in a special register to then make a Divorce Deed Quote.

How long does the divorce process in court last?

Divorce lawsuits are divided into two, namely in the Religious Court for divorce applicants who are Muslim, and the District Court for plaintiffs whose religion is other than Islam. When first filed for divorce, the court will study the petition filed. In a period of no more than 30 days, the court will summon you and your spouse to request an explanation regarding the intended divorce suit.

The divorce suit is adjusted to the deadline for receipt of the summons by the defendant/plaintiff or their attorney. If the defendant resides overseas, then the hearing of the trial is set at least six months from the inclusion of the divorce suit in the court clerk At the first level, the divorce process will take a maximum of 6 months in court from the inclusion of the divorce claim in the court clerk.

Based on Article, a divorce is considered to occur along with all the consequences as of the time of registration on the register of the registration office by the Registrar, except for those who are Muslim from the fall of the decision of the Religious Court which has permanent legal force.