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Tips for Starting a Career in a Different Field without Experience


Nov 4, 2020
Tips for Starting a Career in a Different Field without Experience

Many people feel that their current career is not in line with expectations. They want to chase a career in another field, but don’t have the experience and don’t know where to start.
In this article, we will discuss how to quickly gain experience in any field, and then how you can use that experience to get your dream work.

Myths About Changing Career Fields

Before discussing further, you need to change your outlook on the myths of changing career fields:

· You don’t need a wide network of connections. In fact, you don’t need any contact at all – you can build it yourself later.
· You don’t need a degree from a university, what is important is the result of the effort you put in. The results are more meaningful than any degree and position in your previous job. This will be discussed later.
· You don’t need money. In fact, you can make the learning process a source of income.

Next, you will learn about the steps in getting a job in a completely different field.
Stage 1: Imagine yourself as the right candidate for the job. The advantage of entering a new field is that you become like white paper. You can choose skills and shape yourself into an ideal candidate.

How ideal is that?

To be an ideal candidate, you must first understand what is meant by the ideal in the eyes of the people who will hire you. Most people will think that they need a degree in computer or mathematics. Then they need at least 2 years of coding experience and running a project in a company.

But is that really true?

Facebook is looking for someone who understands how to identify trends in data that will have a direct effect on revenue. The person should also have programming knowledge so they can work more efficiently and can present data in a simple but compact way. Most people think that experience can only be gained through working in a company or having a degree. This is the biggest myth in the job search.

To understand this, let’s think for a moment and understand why companies employ people.
These companies want someone who has a positive impact on a large scale for them. A person may have a Ph.D. in computer science and master all the programming languages mentioned above, but if they have a deficiency in producing results, then the company will not benefit.
On the other hand, someone might not have a degree or not be too fluent in a programming language, but understand how to find a solution and be able to present it clearly. The ability to take real action is very valuable for the company. Your goal is to become the second person.

Informational Interview

Besides fulfilling the qualifications in the job description, another thing that is also important is establishing communication with people who work in the industry. These people will help you prioritize the skills you get, and then can also help you understand other unwritten information such as the recruitment process or introduce you to their contacts.

The best thing to do this is through an advanced search filter on LinkedIn. You can find people in certain companies, with certain titles and titles. Even if you have LinkedIn Premium, you can search for people who have worked in your field, and now work in your desired field.
I see you have quite a lot of experience on Facebook’s Growth Analytics, and I am very interested in learning more about it. I would be very grateful if I was allowed to ask a few questions and get tips from you about this field. I understand that your time is very valuable, so please don’t feel obliged to answer in great detail. If you have 5 minutes to talk in person, I would appreciate it.