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Specialization in Law Faculty


Oct 18, 2020
Specialization in Law Faculty

The Law School has only one study program. Therefore, a law degree (SH) has the opportunity to work and have a career in various fields. Law graduates can work in offices or companies because wherever and whenever an office / agency or company requires a law degree. Professions for law graduates are: Judges, Attorneys, Lawyers, Legal Consultants, Notaries, Corporate Lawyers, Legal Bureaus, Private Institutions / Government Agencies,

The Faculty of Law only has one department, but each student is usually divided into specializations or specialization programs. Facts in the field, there are quite a lot of law graduates who take International Law major but become Notaries. In fact, not a few law graduates take Criminal Law major but instead work in banks. This can happen because in the Faculty of Law there is only one department, namely Law. This is what makes it easier for law graduates to enter various labor fields.

1. Specialization in Civil Law

This specialization is generally in demand by students who wish to become Notaries. It can also be of interest to students who after graduating can become law graduates who take care of matters related to Inheritance Agreements and issues.

This specialization will study and focus on the law of agreements and defaults (default), compensation issues and other civil disputes, various forms of agreement, waqf, inheritance, distribution of assets, the position of children and parents, adoption of children, guarantee law, out of court dispute resolution, civil procedural law, etc.

2. Specialization in Criminal Law

This specialization will usually be taken by students who are interested in Crime Prevention and Management. Criminal law specialization graduates are expected to work as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, legal consultants and other professions related to criminal matters.

In Criminal Law Specialization, students will study: Penitentiary Law, Narcotics Crime, Terrorist Crime, Corruption Crime, Cyber ​​Law, Child Trafficking, Defamation, Unpleasant Acts, Corporate Criminal, Domestic Violence, Criminal Law Enforcement International and other issues related to the criminal field.

3. Specialization in Constitutional Law

Specialization in Constitutional Law focuses on state matters and state administration. The specialization in Constitutional Law will be more suitable for those who will enter the government bureaucracy and State institutions. In the Specialization in Constitutional Law, he will study: State Institutions, Relations Between State Institutions, Duties and Functions of State Organizations, Legislation, Taxes, Finance and State Assets, Regional Autonomy, Regional Government, Expansion

4. Specialization in International Law

The specialization in International Law is usually in demand by students who wish to pursue a career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or pursue a Diplomatic and Consular career or work in international or regional organizations.

This specialization will focus on International issues: Diplomatic and Consular Affairs, Air and Space Law, International Dispute Resolution, International Cooperation, International Organization Institutions, Humanitarian Law, European Union Law, etc.

5. Specialization in Business Economics Law

Enthusiasts of Business Economics Law can be expected to pursue a career in pursuing work as a Company Legal Consultant and Lawyer related to business fields such as trademark disputes, copyright, consumer protection, labor issues, trade disputes, bankruptcy issues, investment law and capital markets, international trade and regional.