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Reasons for Choosing a Law Department for those who are confused about what to study


Oct 16, 2020

Of course, there are many considerations that you do if you want to choose a college major. There are many majors in higher education that are in great demand, one of which is majoring in law. The reason for choosing to major in law could be because you want to uphold justice, but actually that’s not all if you study law. Even though you have to memorize many laws, there are many benefits that you can get. But of course you won’t get this if you just become a butterfly student, aka go home to college – go home to school.

Here are 10 reasons to choose a law school for those of you who want to enter law school.

  1. Your chances of being accepted to study law are quite high. This happens because many students are not accepted into other majors, but they can be accepted into law majors.
  2. Your character will be formed to be brave. This is because you have been trained to solve certain cases. So that your mentality has been trained to be tough.
  3. Almost all universities have well accredited law courses. So that it gives you the opportunity to choose the university that suits you.
  4. Almost all require a lawyer. Starting from official institutions to ordinary people, all of them need legal experts. This means that it will give you higher job opportunities.
  5. Apart from being a legal expert, if you are a law graduate then there are still many job opportunities for you. You can become a notary, legal consultant, diplomat, lecturer, lawyer or work in companies both public and private.
  6. All aspects of life are related to law. By looking at the laws that exist today, then you will probably be able to understand what is meant by the law itself.
  7. The salary offered for law graduates can be said to be decent. For example, salaries for fresh graduates who are already working in the legal field can reach 4 million to 20 million per month.
  8. Law science is currently a favorite science that is in great demand by people. Many universities accept law students with quite a large quota. Then it is certain that you will be able to enter the department. Besides that, you will also feel the benefits of entering law school after work.
  9. Law majors usually have quite a lot of student capacity, so that your chances of getting into public universities are even greater.
  10. By entering the law department, you will be taught to be a critical person, able to analyze problems more deeply, be sensitive, communicative, straightforward and much more.