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The sentence set forth in paragraph 1 of this article shall be imposed on those who persecute organizations or people for his or her advocating equality among the people. A citizen of the SFRJ who politically or economically collaborate with the enemy in time of war shall also be punished by the sentence referred to in paragraph 1 of this article. “Violence” shall be so construed as to incorporate the use of hypnotic suggestion or intoxicating substances for the aim of bringing a person against his will right into a state of unconsciousness, or incapacitating him for resistance. “Currency” denotes cash and bank-notes which are legal tender in the SFRJ or in a foreign country. A “document” denotes any object that’s appropriate or designed to serve as evidence of some reality relevant to legal relations.

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If the offender has been sentenced to both imprisonment and a fine, the suspended sentence could also be imposed either for the each sentences or just for the sentence of imprisonment. In counting the credit score, at some point spent in custody awaiting trial, at some point of deprivation of freedom, at some point of juvenile custody, at some point of imprisonment and a fine of one hundred dinars shall be deemed equal. 2) the act has triggered particularly grave penalties or has been dedicated beneath different, especially aggravating circumstances. 2) if a interval of 5 years has not expired between the day when the offender was released after serving his previous sentence and the day when he dedicated the most recent criminal act. A fine could also be imposed as much as the amount of fifty,000 dinars, and for criminal acts dedicated out of greed up to the quantity of 200,000 dinars. A time period of imprisonment is served in closed, semi-open or open institutions for serving sentences. The death penalty shall be executed by taking pictures, with out members of the public current.

The demise penalty may be imposed only for essentially the most serious criminal acts when so supplied by the statute. A nice may not be imposed together with the punishment of confiscation of property. The punishment of confiscation of property may only be imposed as an adjunct punishment. Preparation and attempt to commit a felony act are thought-about dedicated each within the place where the offender was performing and in the place the place the consequence was to have occurred according to his intention. A criminal act is committed each within the place the place the offender was appearing or was obligated to act and in the place the place the consequence occurred. A criminal act is committed on the time when the offender was performing or was underneath the duty to act, irrespective of when the consequence occurred.

When imposing a suspended sentence, the courtroom may order the offender to submit himself to medical treatment outdoors prison, taking into special consideration the offender’s readiness to bear such remedy. If the offender fails to undergo such a therapy outdoors prison with no justifiable trigger, or if he of his personal accord quits the remedy, a court docket may order that the suspended sentence be revoked or that the measure of compulsory medical remedy of an alcoholic or drug addict be compulsorily carried out in a medical or another specialised institution. The prohibition towards driving a motorcar and confiscation of property may be ordered if a punishment, suspended sentence, judicial admonition or remission of punishment has been imposed on an offender. In the framework of the overall function of felony sanctions , the aim of security measures is to remove the situations or conditions which might affect an offender so that he commits felony acts in the future. If throughout protecting supervision the court docket establishes that the aim of the sentence has been attained, it may terminate the protecting supervision even before the expiration of a certain interval.

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The provisions set forth in paragraphs 2 to 5 of this article shall be applied accordingly to the bar to the execution of the security measures. The running of the period of limitation is interrupted by every act of a competent organ undertaken towards the execution of the punishment. The execution of the safety measures of prohibition to hold out a certain occupation, activity or duty, bar on public look and prohibition against driving a motor vehicle shall be barred after the lapse of the interval for which the measures have been ordered.

The execution of a nice as an accessory punishment shall be barred after the lapse of two years from the day of effectiveness of the judgment whereby such punishment has been imposed. The execution of the punishment of confiscation of property is barred after the lapse of 10 years from the day of effectiveness of the judgment beneath which such punishment has been imposed. There shall be an absolute bar to prosecution when twice as a lot time lapses as required, in accordance with the law, for the bar to prosecution. The running of the period of limitation is also interrupted if the perpetrator, earlier than the period of limitation has elapsed, commits a fresh criminal act of the same gravity or a graver criminal act. The working of the period of limitation is interrupted by every act of proceedings which pertains to the prosecution of the perpetrator on account of the legal act dedicated.