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Legal Services Provided by Notaries


Oct 14, 2020
Legal Services Provided by Notaries

If you are studying to become a lawyer and want to become a lawyer, you will have a very wide selection of cases – including diversity cases! For example, you might choose to become an environmental attorney – a topic that is hotly discussed today. From worker health and safety, to drafting renewable energy proposals, to property transactions: anything related to risk management – say financial risks or improvements to contaminated land, a notary is the right lawyer for this case!

If you are pursuing your law degree with the intention of dealing with legal issues for a non-governmental organization, becoming a lawyer is the way to go.
Some large law firms for charity hire attorneys who specialize in wills and trusts and who are knowledgeable in real estate law, to represent clients on commercial matters. If you prefer to advocate for humanitarian groups, getting hired by these agencies is a dream come true! You will handle pro-bono notary cases but still get paid.

There are also many notaries who are very interested in entertainment law. This field may seem glamorous, but in reality, such legal work consists mainly of writing and revising contracts: with agents, managers and other representatives; You can also negotiate celebrity endorsement contracts. You can choose to focus on certain legal aspects of entertainment; for example by becoming an intellectual property attorney. That means you’ll be tackling a debatable legal issue – copyright infringement, or transactional: registering a copyright. By becoming a lawyer at the notary level, you have a variety of specialties to choose from:

• Personal injury attorney
• criminal attorney (criminal defense attorney)
• business attorney
• litigation attorney
• divorce attorney
• bankruptcy attorney and more!

You can be involved in mediation or negotiation on behalf of a client, and depending on the type of law you practice, you can even handle pro bono cases! Granted, lawyers and notaries handle all types of law, but there is a third option to work for a law firm without becoming a member of a bar association.

Paralegal: the unsung hero of any Law Firm

A paralegal is a person who has undergone training in certain aspects of the law, such as legal writing and legal research, but did not attend or did not graduate from law school. Professional workers like them will do this work, either in a law office or independently – provided they are registered with a Paralegal Association. For example, if the reasons for your divorce are not contentious, which means that you and your spouse have agreed to divorce amicably, you could use a paralegal instead of a divorce lawyer to work out your settlement.

What’s more, a paralegal who is hired by a notary can work in the courtroom, but can only function as a notary’s assistant or a lawyer assistant. As a paralegal, you can also work as a Police Station Representative, advising people who are in police custody – again, provided you meet the required requirements. The field of law is vast and ever-changing, and all lawyers must have sharp analytical skills, a strong memory (to remember legal precedents, among other reasons), and have good ethics. If that’s you, become a defender of justice by becoming a lawyer, notary or paralegal because society will always need those who practice law.