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Know the Importance of Corporate Insurance for a More Profitable Business


Oct 2, 2020
Know the Importance of Corporate Insurance for a More Profitable Business

Does your company have insurance and do you cover workers’ lives with insurance? For the people of Indonesia, especially for business owners and workers, the existence of company insurance now seems to be a basic necessity that must be owned. Because it is undeniable, as one of the non-bank financial institutions, corporate insurance is known as one of the investments that can be relied on in minimizing various unexpected events.

Imagine if your company could be more developed and have a more secure future, surely you will be able to expand your business to a wider area. To create this in your business, company insurance is needed as a tool to deal with risks that will occur in the future, without disrupting the company’s financial system. Then, what are the benefits of joining insurance?

Corporate Insurance, Increase Employee Productivity

Employees are the most important asset of a company. Therefore, the protection of employees in a company is an important factor so that activities in the company can run effectively and efficiently. One way that can be done is to ensure their welfare with company insurance. Not only provides positive benefits for business development, insurance also provides many positive benefits for employees. As if to guarantee peace for both parties, insurance does not only cover company risks, but also contributes to the health status and quality of life of workers. With insurance, workers will not be afraid to get health services and treatment. Not only employees who get protection, but also their families will receive the benefits.

Corporate Insurance, Business Convenience

Apart from being useful as financial planning, insurance is also mandatory for employers to provide to workers. In fact, many companies apart from providing government program insurance, also provide life insurance options from private insurance companies. This is because the company realizes how important it is to ensure business continuity with a plan that can serve as a medium for risk transfer in the future. Apart from being a form of fulfilling the rights of employees, insurance also provides comfort for them. The feeling of comfort will certainly have a positive effect on performance. Employees will always be comfortable at work, resulting in the company becoming more developed and advanced in the hands of productive and loyal employees.

One of the insurance companies that is quite comprehensive in providing various benefits, one of which is the Employer Liability. Insurance that provides protection for the liability of the company to workers from lawsuits and unexpected compensation costs. This insurance guarantees the company from all claims by employees at the risk of causing injury or illness to employees that incur costs. The advantage of Employer Liability is that it provides a premium that is determined by taking into account and considering the risks that will later occur. In this case, several factors that are taken into consideration are the type of business, the estimated annual salary of the number of employees, the number and nationality of employees, as well as losses that have been suffered. Provide maximum protection for your business and employees. Because both are valuable assets that cannot be separated.