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Is It Possible To Sue In Car Crashes Caused By Someone Else?


Sep 16, 2021

Every single day, there are crashes happening on highways and literally all types of streets in the US. Usually, motor vehicle accidents appear because of negligence or recklessness. Some examples of negligence are:

  • Running red lights
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Changing lanes all of a sudden
  • Taking a look towards the left side of the vehicle as you make a turn to the right
  • Illegal U turns
  • Sudden stops
  • Unsecured loads
  • Driving under the influence

Establishing Fault

What is very important at the end of the day is to establish fault. You have to prove that the other driver caused the accident. This is only possible with evidence. In some cases, the circumstances are clear cut and it is quite obvious what happened. In others, it will be very difficult to establish fault or even figure out who was at fault for the accident. In such cases, you should never pursue the injury claim alone. You will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

Types Of Damages For Which You Can Sue

Keep in mind that the list can be a lot higher. The best way to be sure that you have a case is to get in touch with a car accident attorney like at https://hensleylegal.com/indianapolis/car-accident-lawyers/. However, some of the most common types of damages for which you can sue the party at fault are:

  • Past physical pain and suffering. 
  • Future physical pain. 
  • Mental anguish.
  • Physical impairment. 
  • Medical costs. 
  • Hospital expenses. 
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Loss of earning capacity. 
  • Punitive damages. 
  • Wrongful death damages. 
  • Property damages. 

Simply put, you can sue for all your losses. This includes economic and non-economic damages. For instance, let’s say that you were injured in an accident that led to a very long recovery process. After you are discharged, you still cannot work or you are forced to accept less money since you are not physically able to do the job you did before. In this case, your personal injury claim should include financial compensation for what you would have earned if you were not injured. This is what loss of earning capacity means. 

Hiring Car Accident Attorneys

Serious car accidents always have the possibility of having devastating financial, emotional, or physical repercussions. It is very important to fight so you can get the right compensation to cover all suffered damages. You will need to go through a very lengthy legal process that will surely be more complicated than you might initially think. 

At the end of the day, regardless of what you think in the heat of the moment, the truth is that the best thing you can do is to hire an experienced car accident attorney. They will be able to walk you through the entire legal process so you are aware of all your rights. Also, attorneys can do all the legwork so you do not have to. As you are healing from your injuries, the accident attorneys will file your personal injury claim, find evidence, and even negotiate with the insurance companies to get you a fair settlement.