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How To Be A Surety Bond Agent In South Carolina


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A defendant can put up money, which isn’t sensible when the quantity is massive, or can go to a bondsman and obtain a bond. A bond is the bondsman’s pledge to make good on the bail if the defendant doesn’t appear earlier than the court. Traditionally, the defendant pays the bondsman 10% of the worth of the bond and places up collateral security, such as actual property. OSBBA “Selected” Members serve as a REGISTRY & recommendation of Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents to the General Public.

In contrast, money paid to the bonding agent is taken into account as part of fee and is never returned. Bail is the cash payment paid by the defendant himself or by someone on his behalf. It is the money that’s put up as safety, to guarantee that the defendant will seem for trial.

Defendants launched on their very own recognizance are often out of jail the same day they are arrested, unless the arrest happens late in the day or at night. In common, the defendant should first wait for the reserving process into jail to be completed.

A money bond takes solely a matter of minutes as a result of a bail bond agent just isn’t involved. In many circumstances, surety bonds only require a few hours, so long as the crime has a preset bail quantity. More serious felonies require at least an in a single day keep for a bond listening to. Also defendants arrested late at evening and on the weekend may have to wait a day or longer due to the timing.

Surety bond – When a defendant can’t afford to pay the entire bail amount in money, a surety bond is a common possibility in Missouri. A bail bond agent accepts a ten percent premium and guarantees the entire amount of the bail to the courtroom.

The agent might require a co-signer or collateral from the defendant or co-signer. 10 Percent Cash bond – This sort of bond is offered at the discretion of the courtroom, and having a talented legal defense lawyer could be a benefit for a defendant looking to pay 10 percent to the court docket as a substitute of a bail bond agent. The court can even require that a 3rd party be concerned as a co-signer, rising the probability that the defendant will show up for all scheduled court appearances. Generally, a defendant with extra connections to the communities and few or no prior convictions might be provided this feature.