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Here are 8 advantages of working in an insurance company


Oct 31, 2020
Here are 8 advantages of working in an insurance company

A high position does not guarantee that someone will feel pleasure while working because the world of work is never free from challenges. Behind a challenge, there are also advantages that are often encouraging at work. These benefits are obtained directly from the company in different forms, such as bonuses, allowances or other forms.

For example, an insurance company. When compared to banking companies, many people think that insurance companies are not popular. Even though insurance companies provide great career opportunities for those of you who want to advance. Not only that, there are still several other advantages that can be obtained, including:

Knowing Many Types of Businesses

Insurance is widely used to protect one’s business assets, such as property businesses, restaurants or certain offices and many more. If you work at an insurance company, you will indirectly know the many types of businesses that successful people are involved in. This is certainly a learning material to increase knowledge. When working hours are not very busy, you can look for information about the business, either from the performance of financial statements or how the business works. Fortunately, if you have the opportunity to meet the owner, you can certainly steal a little business knowledge from them.

Dynamic Work System

Many say that the working atmosphere at an insurance company is very boring. This is not true, in fact the work system in the company is very dynamic because the objects that need to be taken care of are humans, who are actually living things and of course undergo changes from time to time.

Changing human needs will certainly affect the performance of insurance companies in the next few years. For example, an insurance company that previously provided only life and health insurance, now provides insurance for education, vehicles and fixed assets.

Seductive Salary

Salary is always a consideration when looking for work. It is true, a person’s work motivation will also increase if this is accompanied by a high salary as well. In insurance companies, staff earn an average salary of IDR 4 million per month.

Given the high career opportunities in insurance companies, opportunities for promotion are also wide open. By showing good work performance, guaranteed positions and salaries will increase over time.

Get various benefits

In addition to attractive salaries, insurance companies also provide various benefits to all employees, such as insurance and pension benefits. The existence of this allowance can reduce expenses per month because you don’t need to pay for insurance anymore, unless you want to add more types of protection.

In terms of amount, the benefits offered by insurance companies are quite tempting. Not yet added year-end bonuses and others. The amount is good enough to increase income.

Very High Career Opportunities

The demand for the provision of insurance services has increased quite rapidly every year because humans need insurance in their lives. Even though you have designed a life that is super comfortable, problems will continue and come and go.

Some of the problems that occur may also cost money, but with the existence of an insurance company, of course there is no need to worry about that question anymore.

For example, unexpected expenses such as accident costs or hospital check-ups that are financed by insurance companies. When submitting a claim, you only need to bring complete documents to facilitate the process of disbursing funds.

Company Finances Remain Stable

The company’s financial performance remains stable as the company continues to attract customers. Every day there are people who apply for insurance, both for themselves and their families. This boosts insurance income every year. Take the United States, for example, where the insurance industry generates $ 421 billion annually.

Although the performance of insurance companies tends to be stable, there are several companies that have fallen and even have their licenses revoked from Indonesia. this is of course because there are several factors that were not resolved properly.

Increase a sense of care

Without realizing it, insurance companies can increase a person’s sense of caring, not only for oneself, but also for others. This concern is shown through the socialization of the importance of having insurance from an early age so that people are reminded to protect themselves and their families through insurance.

This concern is not merely to increase the number of customers in the company, but rather to encourage the public to be more concerned about unexpected things that may occur in the future.

Choose the Right Insurance Company

The level of job competition in insurance companies is quite tight. If you are interested in working in insurance, fulfill the qualifications required by the company so that your chances of being accepted for work are even greater. However, choosing the right insurance company is also very necessary so that unwanted things do not happen in the future, such as fraud or bankruptcy. That way, find out in advance about the variety of information from each insurance company to take into consideration.