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Functions and Duties of a Tax Consultant You Need to Know


Nov 11, 2020
Functions and Duties of a Tax Consultant You Need to Know

Nowadays people are increasingly tax literate. Business actors continue to improve themselves in making neat books and financial reports for their business tax purposes. Therefore the company needs tax consulting services. Tax consultants are needed by taxpayers in assisting the taxpayer’s business tax matters such as consulting and helping to report and pay client taxes. Tax consultants are needed so that client taxation is in accordance with government regulations and the client’s business is growing.

In general, the definition of a tax consultant is a person who provides tax consulting services to taxpayers in the framework of exercising their rights and fulfilling their tax obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations. Simply put, a tax consultant is a person whose job is to help taxpayers take care of all matters related to taxes. With the existence of a tax consultant, it is expected that those who use the consultant’s services can carry out their tax obligations properly and feel the benefits of paying taxes.

Tax Consultant Functions

Here are the functions of a tax consultant that you should know before using his services.

1. Tax consultants provide guidance to taxpayers and make estimates of taxes to be paid by taxpayers, make fiscal corrections and so on.

2. Help prepare and manage data to be reported in accordance with tax assessments for a company.

3. Tax consultants can reduce the cost of paying taxes without having to violate tax rules and regulations.

4. Because taxpayers do not have sufficient time to pay attention to the development of the world of taxation, tax consulting services are tasked with regulating a company’s tax as the development of applicable regulations. Tax consultants are also required to provide information to taxpayers about the latest tax regulations.

5. A tax consultant will assist in the event of an audit of a taxpayer, objections from a taxpayer and an appeal filed by a taxpayer.

6. By utilizing the services of a tax consultant, you can minimize the risk of errors in taxation.

7. Can reduce the burden on the company, so that the company can focus more on developing its business.

By using tax consulting services, the company will be more efficient. Currently, many companies have started using tax consulting services in the context of company efficiency. The role of the best tax consultants in Indonesia, both those who market their services conventionally and online tax consultants, are needed in assisting these companies.

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Tax Consultant Duties The following are the duties or services provided by tax consultants to their service users:

1. Tax Compliance

Tax consultants take care of matters relating to tax compliance of their clients, including calculating, paying and reporting taxes.

2. Tax Planning

Tax consultants perform client tax planning services that aim to optimize client profits. Included in this tax planning is the preparation of an annual tax consultant report.

3. Tax Report Audit

This task aims to evaluate data related to the emergence of a tax burden that is detrimental to the client company.

4. Assistance in Examination

Tax consultants have the responsibility to represent or assist clients during tax audits. This is done because there are many clients who do not understand their tax problems. Tax consultants also help prepare data or documents needed during the audit.

5. Consultation

Tax consultants offer consulting services on tax issues.

6. Tax refunds

If a client needs a tax overpayment return or a refund, a tax consultant can help with the implementation starting from data preparation, submission of refunds, examinations to the final process of receiving the tax excess refund.