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Felony Code Of Yugoslavia


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Objects used or destined to be used within the commission of a felony act in addition to these which resulted from the commission of a legal act could also be confiscated if they’re owned by the offender. When imposing a suspended sentence, the court might decide that the sentence will be revoked if the offender violates the ban on driving a motorized vehicle. When imposing a suspended sentence, the courtroom might dispose that such sentence might be revoked if the offender violates the attached prohibition from carrying out a sure occupation, activity or duty.

The death penalty may be imposed only for the most critical felony acts when so offered by the statute. A fine may not be imposed along with the punishment of confiscation of property. The punishment of confiscation of property may only be imposed as an adjunct punishment. Preparation and try and commit a legal act are thought of dedicated both in the place the place the offender was performing and within the place the place the consequence was to have occurred based on his intention. A criminal act is dedicated both within the place where the offender was performing or was obligated to act and within the place where the consequence occurred. A criminal act is dedicated on the time when the offender was acting or was beneath the obligation to behave, no matter when the consequence occurred.

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When imposing a suspended sentence, the court may order the offender to submit himself to medical therapy outside prison, taking into particular consideration the offender’s readiness to endure such therapy. If the offender fails to endure such a therapy exterior prison without a justifiable cause, or if he of his own accord quits the therapy, a court could order that the suspended sentence be revoked or that the measure of compulsory medical therapy of an alcoholic or drug addict be compulsorily carried out in a medical or another specialized institution. The prohibition against driving a motor vehicle and confiscation of property may be ordered if a punishment, suspended sentence, judicial admonition or remission of punishment has been imposed on an offender. In the framework of the overall objective of criminal sanctions , the aim of safety measures is to remove the conditions or situations which might affect an offender in order that he commits legal acts sooner or later. If throughout protecting supervision the court establishes that the aim of the sentence has been attained, it may terminate the protecting supervision even before the expiration of a certain period.

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The co-perpetrator shall be criminally accountable inside the limits set by his own intention or negligence, and the inciter and the aider — within the limits of their very own intention. In the occasion of voluntary desisting from the completion of a criminal act the offender is punishable for those acts which constitute one other independent felony act. A legal act is premeditated if the offender is aware of his deed and desires its commission; or when he’s acutely aware that a prohibited consequence may result from his act or omission and consents to its occurring.

trial – A hearing that takes place when the defendant pleads “not responsible,” and the parties are required to come back to court to present proof. temporary restraining order – Prohibits a person from an action that’s more likely to trigger irreparable harm.