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Duties and Roles of Notary Services


Oct 13, 2020
Duties and Roles of Notary Services

In every setting up of a business either, certain very important corporate services are needed, namely notary services. Without them, your business might not run smoothly because notaries can help to take care of all the business legality needed. Some even have helped to establish a company directly from the start so you also don’t have to waste time, money and huge energy.

Things You Must Know About Notary Services

There are many roles and benefits of using notary services because they can make agreement deeds, make changes to the articles of association of a company, resolve disputes, make deeds of establishment, carry out licensing arrangements and so on.
You certainly need to know the important basic duties of a notary that will make all your efforts easier as follows:

Notary duties

Before you start choosing which notary office you want, first know the duties. They basically recorded a lot of letters and also registered them in a special book known as waarmarketing, made a copy of the letter under hand, validated, checked legalization evidence, provided legal counseling and all kinds of things related to making certain deeds. They also make deeds that have anything to do with land and errors in typing which will later provide them with an Official Report as well as notes that contain the original deed

Notary obligations

Apart from having important duties that cannot even be counted on the fingers, the obligations of notaries are also very much impartial, independent, thorough, acting honestly while maintaining the interests of the related parties from the deed quotation, deed grosse, copy of deed which has a basis according to the minimum deeds, make deeds as well as save them to become notary protocols and notaries are obliged to ensure legality.
If the deed was made in origin, then they are not entitled to keep the minimum deed. They provide services in accordance with the law unless there is a certain reason for refusing, recording all repotroriums about the date of delivery from the testament list every month at the end and so on.

Notary ban

There is a prohibition on the position of a notary, namely it is prohibited to carry out their position outside the boundaries of the territory, it is prohibited to leave the territory of their position in a row for more than 7 days without clear and valid information, it is prohibited to hold concurrent positions as civil servants, advocates, state officials , leaders and other business entities.
They are also not allowed to concurrently serve as Land Deed Making Officials outside their territory, substitute notaries or other professions which are very different and different from any religious, social and obedience norms.
After you know their roles and also their duties, then you can find out that the role of notary services is very necessary for the smooth running of your business and the company.