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Different Advocates and Lawyers You Need to Understand from Now on!


Oct 3, 2020
Different Advocates and Lawyers You Need to Understand from Now on!

When you hear the term attorney, perhaps the first thing you think of is court. Usually lawyers are needed to help parties who are in legal trouble. Not only lawyer, other terms such as advocate and legal consultant are also often heard. what is the difference between a lawyer and a lawyer, as well as a legal consultant? Below, Libera will provide some facts about this profession.

Laws Regulating the term Advocate

Basically, lawyer and lawyer have the same meaning. This has been stated in the Article on Advocates in which advocates, legal advisors, practicing lawyers, and legal consultants are all referred to as Advocates. With the enactment of this Advocate Law, it can be concluded that there is no difference between a lawyer, lawyer, legal consultant, or legal advisor. all people who are professionally providing legal services, both inside and outside the court whose working area is throughout the territory.

However, before the Advocate Law came into effect, the provisions regulating advocates, legal advisors, practicing lawyers, and legal consultants were scattered in various laws and regulations, so that the definition of a lawyer and legal advisor was different.

The difference is Advocate and Lawyer

Before the Advocate Law came into effect, the term for justice defender was very diverse, ranging from lawyers, legal advisors, legal consultants, advocates, and others. Basically, lawyers and lawyers are both considered as the party providing legal judgment in court. However, what differentiates is the area where it can provide legal services.

An advocate is someone who holds a license to provide legal services in court based on a Decree of the Minister of Justice and has areas for “proceeding” throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Meanwhile, a lawyer is someone who holds a license to practice / proceed according to a license to practice in his area issued by a local court. If the lawyer intends to provide legal services outside the area of ​​his license to practice, he must first obtain permission from the court where he will proceed.

These two terms have several differences, one of which is in their duties and responsibilities. Where a lawyer has the duty to provide legal services in the court in the scope of the area in accordance with his legal practice license.

Meanwhile, a legal consultant or legal advisor is a person who provides legal services in the form of consultations within the legal system applicable in each country. So, legal consulting services are limited to providing consulting services and providing legal services outside the court. However, since the enactment of the Advocate Law, this term has been equated with Advocate so that there is clear standardization.

Who Can Be Appointed as an Advocate?

Advocates are called a noble profession or officium nobile for the services they provide to seekers of justice. Therefore, not everyone who is exploring legal education can be called an advocate because there are several requirements set out in the Advocate Law that must be met. According to Article 2 paragraph (1) of the Advocate Law, those who can be appointed as advocates are scholars with a higher legal background and after attending special education for the advocate profession carried out by advocate organizations.

After completing special education for the advocate profession, prospective advocates must first go through an exam and do an internship at an advocate office for 2 (two) consecutive years. If it has passed, the prospective advocate will be sworn in at the High Court where the prospective lawyer is domiciled before he can carry out his duties.

From several points above, it can be concluded that the terms lawyer, advocate, legal consultant, legal advisor, and so on are the same thing after the enactment of the Advocate Law. At this point, have you understood the three terms above? So what if right now the problem is that you need a legal consultant who can help you make a business agreement? Who is the person you are looking for?

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