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Difference Between Civil Law And Criminal Law

In each the police station and in Court, Brown will want a consultant grownup because of his age. Master Brown will get authorized aid and advice from a Solicitor, he will then be represented by a Barrister within the Youth Court.

Miss Strong must pay a Solicitor or Barrister to represent her in Court. Because V Strong dedicated GBH, she may be sent to the Magistrates’ Court relying on the seriousness of the GBH committed.

Criminology And Criminal Justice Research: Strategies

If Mr White is pleaded not guilty then his Solicitor will provide evidence to support that his client isn’t responsible. In the case research of R White, the defendant might be questioned at the police station and should undergo the interest of justice test in addition to the means take a look at. The defendant will get authorized advice on tips on how to answer questions posed by the police and about the charge. Mr White must apply for legal aid and he will undergo the means test which evaluates his income. If the defendant has an income of £22,325 or his disposable earnings exceeds £3398, Mr White is not going to qualify for any authorized advice. The Court made the means test for those under a sure earnings to be able to qualify for authorized advice.

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Advice will be represented to R White within the Police Station earlier than he will get trialled on the Magistrates’. White will have to apply for authorized help and he should undergo the complete means test.

Being under the age of 18, Brown is not going to need to contribute anything towards legal advice and he will not need to go through the interest of justice test or the means take a look at. Brown’s consultant will ensure that he is getting the right help all through his trials.

The Court will sentence Miss robust by using the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861, she might be sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in prison for the offence of GBH. Due to the truth that this case is both way offence, Miss Strong must be represented by a Solicitor . Miss V Strong can be represented by a Solicitor on the Magistrates’ Court and then Miss Strong might be trialled on the Crown Court. She could also be represented by a barrister within the Crown Court where she will be sentenced guilty or not responsible, within the Crown Court the date for the plea or sentencing hearing shall be set. In the Crown Court, the Solicitor would have briefed the Barrister before the trial began.

In Court, Miss V Strong shall be trialled by lay members of the public, as a substitute of a Judge or Jury. Injuries could be as serious as wounds which may have been attributable to a stab wound from a knife. This is an indictable only offence, which can only be heard at the Crown Court. A plea or trial can not take place till the case has been heard in the Crown Court. Miss Strong has an income above £3398 and will have to make a contribution to her illustration. If she is found not guilty, her contribution will be paid again to her and if she is discovered responsible she won’t get her a refund.