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Choose Where, Establish a Single Law Firm or Partnership?


Sep 22, 2020
Choose Where, Establish a Single Law Firm or Partnership?

Before talking further about establishing a law office or Law Firm, it is necessary to really understand the vision and mission, goals and objectives, as well as our main direction and focus to establish a law office. Why?

Because there are quite a lot of Lawyer friends who due to their lack of observation, lack of personal attention, lack of strength or toughness, perhaps even lack of motivation in establishing a law office, finally recently established, the law office was closed. In short, establishing a law office is not just making a big signboard and sticking it in one of the rented office spaces, or making a business card with the position of Managing Partner / Founder means having a law office.

Establishing a law office, either solo or single (own) or in partnership with several other friends of the same profession, needs to clearly understand the main purpose of establishing an advocate office.

Difference between Single or Solo Law Firm and Partnership Law Firm:

  • This Single or Solo Law Firm is an advocate office that was founded alone, all rights and obligations are borne by the Founder, including from management, marketing and finance. The founder will only employ employees to assist him in carrying out his duties but all work burdens and demands are handled by himself. While,
  • The Partnership Law Firm is an advocate office that was established together with several other friends who are in the same profession, this is a big challenge, because like people who are getting married, establishing a Partnership Law Firm is also required to have a big heart to be open to each other and accept and tolerate another friend who is also the founder of the advocate’s office. The fun thing is, every management, marketing and financial management can be shared equally, so that the workload and demands can be shared together.

In any field of business, both service and trade, of course the founder expects to get the maximum profit so that the founder can obtain better financial capabilities than when he was still an employee in one of the companies. Much bigger than just obtaining financial benefits, a business has bigger responsibilities and rights and obligations. First understand this correctly, first explain in detail the main goals and goals to be achieved within a certain period of time, then pay attention and understand your own abilities.