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Child Custody in Divorce Cases


Sep 30, 2020
Child Custody in Divorce Cases

What Causes Divorce?

Based on our research obtained from our experience when handling divorce cases in Bali, the divorce rate in Bali always shows an increase every year. The reasons also vary, ranging from the presence of a third person, incompatibility, domestic violence, differences in vision and mission of running the household, finances (not supported), drunkenness & like going out at night, to the inability of one party to carry out their obligations.

Child Custody in Divorce Cases

In fact, almost all divorced couples in Bali generally have children. Of course, children will have the greatest impact on their parents’ divorce, especially if they are still very young and do not understand much about household problems. The struggle for custody is inevitable, which makes parents eventually use legal channels and use the services of a lawyer.
Even though they no longer live together, every parent wants the best for their baby. Both father and mother certainly have their own way of educating children, and this is the main reason child custody is contested. Therefore, parents need to know all the information related to child custody after divorce.

Custody power or known as custody is the power of parents to nurture, educate, nurture, nurture, protect, and develop children according to their religion and their abilities, talents and interests. This means that children must be cared for according to their religion so that their mental and spiritual development is good. However, apart from seeing the religion of the parents who will get custody of the child, of course the behavior of the parents must also be seen. Religious similarity is not the only factor in determining what is best for the child (in the care of the father or mother).