• Fri. May 27th, 2022

Besides Lawyers, This Profession Awaits Graduates in Law!

Besides Lawyers, This Profession Awaits Graduates in Law!

1. Notary Public

The notary public is a public official who has received the mandate from the state to provide services to the public in the civil service field. One of the civil matters done by a notary who is familiar with everyday life is the making of authentic deeds such as deeds of the establishment of organizations and others.

To become a notary public, besides taking legal education and notary masters, we are also required to do an internship or work in a notary’s office within 12 months and undergo a selection, Quipperian. Besides, we must also take the application for an appointment and attend training from the Director-General of the General Law Administration and the Director of Civil Law.

2. Lecturer

The world of education certainly accommodates people who have the capacity and come from various disciplines to contribute as educators. No exception for those with a legal education background. However, to become a lecturer is certainly not enough to just hold a bachelor’s degree, yes. You who have an interest as an educator, need to study at a higher level, namely a master’s degree.

3. Legal Officer

The legal officer is one of the most sought after jobs, you know! Within an institution such as banking, corporations to NGOs and even non-profit foundations, they need competent people to handle legal matters. The duty of a legal officer will usually be related to the hierarchy of positions, wages, assets, contracts and work agreements, and others. This then becomes an opportunity for those of you who are interested in a career and handling legal matters at an institution.

4. Public Lawyer

Most of us know that lawyers’ duties are limited to handling cases in a courtroom. But more than that, there is also the profession of public lawyer, who also handles cases but with a different approach, Quipperian. Public lawyers not only conduct advocacy by formally convening, but advocacy can also be outside the hearing, even outside the legal channels called non-litigation advocacy.

5. Legal Research

With a diverse society, Indonesia often faces interesting and problematic issues. Related to this, legal researchers can become one of the professions that provide constructive views to find the root causes and provide solutions to developing problems.

The legal research profession is not only widely circulated in nonprofit research or advocacy institutions. Because of the wide scientific reach, legal researchers are also much needed in government organizations such as LIPI, the DPR-RI to the ministries.

6. Law Journalist

The legal journalist profession is still closely related to its parent profession, which is a journalist, but with a specific point of view about the law. Legal journalists are often equated with criminal journalists. What distinguishes the two is a wider scope of legal journalists. Legal journalists not only investigate the law partially but also reach the legal system itself. Therefore, legal journalists often present news about the process of drafting a law, who is involved and what the implications are.