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Benefits of Having Personal Accident Insurance


Nov 2, 2020
Benefits of Having Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is an insurance product provided by general insurance companies, including Chubb’s general insurance. This insurance product provides coverage for losses arising from an accident, which causes the insured party to experience temporary disability, permanent disability, or death. Some of the advantages that we will feel by having personal accident insurance include:

Medical costs due to accidents will be lighter

It is undeniable that the cost of treatment at the hospital is getting more and more expensive. This is one reason you need personal accident insurance. If you are involved in an accident, whether small or large, you will get medical expenses from an insurance provider. In this way, the burden that you feel at the cost you spend on self-healing will feel lighter.

Until the old days

That is, personal accident insurance will provide coverage for the insured up to the age of more than 50 years. Long enough, right? This means that as long as you have personal accident insurance, even though you are in old age, you don’t have to worry about your financial condition when you have to pay a large amount of money due to an accident that injures you.

For my beloved family

Disasters happen without knowing when they come, including accidents. Not only can cause disabilities, accidents can cause death on the spot. This condition will make the family left behind grieving and experiencing financial difficulties. Now, if the risk of death occurs to you, your family, as the heir, will get compensation which is quite large in value. This compensation can later be used by your family for business capital and daily life.

Provides a sense of financial security

The biggest advantage that can be felt by having personal accident insurance is getting peace and a sense of security regarding your financial condition.You can get the benefits above by having personal accident insurance. Not only accidents, this type of insurance generally also covers risks such as poisoning by dangerous substances, transmission of substances containing dangerous diseases, and physical disabilities due to abuse by other parties. May be useful!