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Be careful in choosing the services of a Lawyer / Advocate / Legal consultant


Dec 18, 2020
Be careful in choosing the services of a Lawyer / Advocate / Legal consultant

Of course, anyone doesn’t want to get into legal trouble. However, sometimes it must be experienced, and it cannot be avoided. Apart from being common, our unpreparedness in facing legal issues requires us to seek help from understanding parties such as lawyers / advocates or legal consultants. Unfortunately, not all legal consultants are able to help solve the problems we face. In fact, in many cases, they create new problems.

Before you decide to choose the right legal service according to the needs of the business reality or the legal problem you are facing, you should first find out who you will trust to solve the problem. There are several steps and considerations to determine who an advocate or legal consultant we will choose, including:

1. Have a Good Track Record

A legal consultant will try to emphasize the variety he has and as much as possible to hide the shortcomings. For example, regarding his career journey while being an advocate, clients he has helped, as well as about the expertise he has, related to cases faced by prospective clients.

You must carefully dig up information about the track record of a legal consultant. It takes in-depth knowledge of the personality, not only the automatic managing partners or team leaders in a law office, but must also know all the skills and characteristics of each person in a law office.

2. Have expertise according to the problems faced

Not all attorneys or legal advisors are experts about the legal problems you face. This field can be further divided according to the expertise of lawyers, such as civil, criminal or constitutional law and so on. To find out the specialization or field of law that the law firm is engaged in, you should really ask about the expertise and handling that is the focus of the law office in question. Usually the law office will try to provide an understanding that the law office they lead handles all legal issues, both criminal, civil, state administration and other legal fields.

3. Quality first

Many people and companies do not understand legal services. Because they are considered expensive, then they are reluctant to use legal services at the law firm. he price is definitely related to the quality of the services provided. You should not be immediately afraid of high prices, because high prices are usually directly proportional to the quality of service provided.

Do not be tempted by cheap prices, which in the end you will be the victim yourself. Those who do not want to spend a lot of money, on average fall into unsatisfactory service, or even out of standard. The quality of the law office is a very important measure for you before choosing a law office. The same is the case in determining the choice of an airline to travel to America, for example. There are Economy, Business or even Executive classes.

For that, don’t ever be allergic to a high price. Usually prospective clients are reluctant to continue the conversation if the price offered by a lawyer is too high. That decision could lead to a fatal mistake.

4. Have Adequate Experience

Experience is the best teacher. This expression is very true, because there is someone who has extensive knowledge about something, not necessarily having practical experience in the field. Experience is closely related to quality, the more experience in handling various cases, the easier it will be to solve the problems to be faced.

Experienced advocates have their own bargaining value. Usually they set different rates from other competitors who do not have sufficient experience. To find out the experience of the law firm that you will choose is certainly not easy. However, there are a number of things you can do, for example, by asking about an attorney’s history or travels. For example, since when did he get a license or an advocate’s identification card, where has he done an internship or career journey he has been in, including the education he has gone through.

5. Have Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity of advocates are very important things to pay attention to, in choosing the services of lawyers and legal consultants. Because not infrequently, there are advocates who should be able to solve certain problems very easily, as if they are complicated. If so, of course it will affect the amount of honorarium he receives.

In addition, many are supposed to defend the client’s interests but instead defect or defend the interests of their opponents. The reason is to get paid more (bribes) from the opponent, or be silenced in various ways. This condition is very common in the field. For this reason, honesty and integrity are needed in handling a case, so that clients or prospective clients cannot be harmed by the presence of such legal service providers.

Not only that, some advocates in various ways defend themselves, even though these methods are prohibited and contrary to the prevailing laws and regulations. For example, making bribes to win a case and other behavior that deviates from the corridor of the law.

Lawyer behavior like that cannot be used as a partner in an effort to resolve legal problems that are currently or you are facing. Because, even if your problem can be resolved, it will certainly have an impact on the level of confidence of a lawyer. Out of habit, he will always use shortcuts to solve the legal problems you are facing. This of course will damage law enforcement, in addition to the swelling of funds that must be spent by the client from what he should have spent, if using the right way.

To find out the level of honesty and integrity of an advocate, there is nothing wrong with you being able to lure a prospective advocate that you will use about the certainty of winning the case he will handle. Usually, if he ensures that your case wins, or is directed at things that are against the law, for example by means of bribes, then think a thousand times about using the services of an attorney like that.

6. Commit to Resolving Problems

You come to a legal counsel of course to solve the problem. But instead, you get into a problem, which is caused by a legal service provider not being committed to solving the problem you are facing. There are many motives, one of which is the advocate only wants to get his practical services. After getting payment from clients, he often forgets his commitment to the settlement of the case that he has promised. There is something even more extreme, namely by leaving the client just like that after he gets a certain amount of payment from the client. You can find this kind of thing in the field.

To avoid this, one way to do this is by asking for information about what lawyers / lawyers will do, in the process of resolving legal cases that are currently, or will be experienced in detail. Also make sure how much money you have to spend. Not a few who provide low rates at the beginning, but along the way, there are other costs that are insistent, beyond the previously agreed upon costs.

It is highly recommended to ask advocates in writing for details of case handling costs. So that the flow of case handling is clear, as well as proof of commitment to the settlement of the case that you are facing or are currently facing. Those are some things that can be used as a reference for anyone in choosing and determining advocate / lawyer / legal consultant services. Hopefully it is useful and becomes a reference in every search for quality, honest, integrity, committed and dedicated legal services in carrying out their duties as a legal service provider.