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Advantages of Using Lawyer Services


Dec 21, 2020
Advantages of Using Lawyer Services

For some people who are going to proceed in court and who decide to use an Advocate / Lawyer, it is considered that there are advantages or benefits, namely:

1. Save time, energy and thoughts so that daily activities are not interrupted. You can entrust a lawyer to take care of all your legal issues, such as court proceedings, facing related officials, waiting for trial schedules, making important legal papers, and so on. By using a lawyer who is more familiar with procedural law before the trial, it will be more practical for the client in terms of time and cost because the client does not need to attend all the hearings because it has been authorized by the lawyer;

2. Avoid mistakes in making claims, answers, duplicates, replications and proofs as well as things that the Client asks for in the petitum. By using a lawyer, you can avoid mistakes in making claims, answers, duplicates, replicas and evidences, as well as things that the Client asks for in the petitum compared to the Client making his own lawsuit without a lawyer. Mistakes in undergoing the process can slow down the trial process and can result in legal consequences for the Client;

3. Avoid the risk of a Judge’s decision which could harm or eliminate the rights of the Client. With the services of a lawyer, the rights of the Client will be properly and maximally expressed and fought for with the assistance of a lawyer;

4. Preventing and overcoming arbitrary / arbitrary treatment without considering the legal provisions and procedural law applicable to the opposing party and other deviant law enforcers;

5. Lawyers can act as mediators or mediators in mediating conflicts with opposing parties so that they can resolve disputes between the parties in a peaceful and non-prolonged manner, this is of course with the consent of the client concerned;

6. By using the services of a lawyer, it will lighten the burden on the client’s mind, giving rise to feelings of calm, safety, prestige, and self-confidence; and

7. Clients can feel very lucky if they find a lawyer who:

a. An attorney who always explains the client’s legal rights, so that the client becomes educated and understands his rights better;

b. The lawyer is bound by a professional oath to the confidentiality of his client, so that the client can be open to the case at hand, but not divulge the client’s secret to other parties;

c. Lawyers who work professionally, so that clients feel protected legally, so that they can carry out daily activities safely and peacefully; and

b. Explain to the Client the range / amount of fees so that the Client can know transparently the costs required to resolve the case.