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8 Types of Insurance Commonly Offered, Provide Loss Guarantee


Nov 6, 2020
8 Types of Insurance Commonly Offered, Provide Loss Guarantee

There are many types of insurance that have been commonly offered to the public. Insurance is a service that can offer compensation for the risk of loss that may occur due to unforeseen events. The insurance company will provide financial compensation to insurance customers for various events or risks that occur in the future, such as death, loss, damage, illness and others that occur to the customer’s property, life and health. This type of insurance itself is divided into several insured subjects. Insurance itself can guarantee and protect a certain object. Choosing various types of insurance will have long-term benefits that are profitable. The type of insurance itself can be selected as needed. This insurance is usually offered by many public and private insurance services.

1.Life Insurance

The first type of insurance that is commonly offered is life insurance. Life insurance itself is insurance that will later provide protection for someone’s life. Life insurance products will provide compensation benefits if something happens that causes the death of the insurance policy owner. Life insurance benefits will also be provided when a person is unable to earn a living or is too old.

2.Accident Insurance

The next type of insurance that is commonly offered is accident insurance. This accident insurance is insurance that provides compensation benefits if someone has an accident. If in general life insurance only provides compensation for death, accident insurance will provide benefits for disability or medical care caused by an accident. Accident insurance is usually used by companies to protect their employees. Accident insurance can also be taken individually.

3.Health Insurance

The next type of general insurance offered is health insurance. This health insurance is a type of insurance that can provide coverage for health problems that can be caused by accidents or diseases. Health insurance will cover the cost of health or care for the owner of the insurance policy. With health insurance, the insurer will help cover the usual medical treatment process and provide death benefits.

4.Property Insurance

The fourth type of insurance that is commonly offered is property insurance. Property insurance itself will later offer protection against all risks of loss from property such as houses, shop houses, offices, and other valuable assets. Property insurance guarantees the home or property owner in the event of damage to the property. This risk is for example damage due to natural disasters, fire, or other losses.

5.Vehicle Insurance

The fifth type of insurance that is commonly offered is vehicle insurance. This vehicle insurance will provide full protection and coverage for the vehicle in the event of risks such as damage due to accidents, loss, and others. Vehicle insurance can guarantee compensation for repair costs, loss, or damage.

6.Education Insurance

The next type of insurance that is commonly offered is education insurance. Education insurance itself is insurance that will provide assurance to the insured party. Someone who has chosen education insurance is usually used to prepare for future children’s education costs. Education insurance itself is different from education savings. Unlike other types of savings, the premium from this insurance which will be paid every month will go into the form of investments such as mutual funds or stocks.

7.Travel Insurance

The next type of insurance commonly offered is travel insurance. For those of you who are someone who has high mobility whether due to job demands or something else, this travel insurance will be suitable to choose from. The reason is that this travel insurance will provide guaranteed protection to the policyholder while on a trip such as protection for medical expenses, loss of luggage in luggage, loss of travel documents, and others. Travel insurance is widely used by travelers to ensure their safety. Therefore, travel insurance itself will certainly be very commonly used by people because of its ease of offering protection when you are on an official trip or on vacation.

8. Business Insurance

The last type of insurance offered is business insurance. Business insurance itself is insurance that can provide guarantees to a company if at a later date it experiences certain risks that can cause losses such as loss, damage, or others. This business insurance will later be able to provide protection for business owners ranging from SMEs, large companies, to multinational companies. Those are some types of insurance that are commonly offered in Indonesia. All types of insurance themselves will certainly provide benefits for its users. However, come back to yourself. Choose insurance according to the use and the things you need, so that later it will be able to provide benefits to you.