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6 Failure Factors for Small and Large Enterprises


Dec 20, 2020
6 Failure Factors for Small and Large Enterprises

Having your own business can be a hope for many people. Entrepreneurs can have time and financial freedom. There are many advantages that can be obtained by opening your own business when compared to being an employee. These various advantages and advantages cannot be separated from the various risks of failure. Loss is a natural thing in a business. Even so many people choose to back away considering the risk of failure. Actually, the risk of failure can be reduced by identifying the business failure factors.
If you already know the factors of business failure, then you can take action to minimize business failure. The following are the factors for business failure:

Unclear purpose

You certainly need to have clear business goals. Your goals, vision and mission can set the direction of your business. If the business you live in does not have clear goals, you can be confused about setting a business strategy. You can also find it difficult to define the steps you need to take. Unclear goals also risk making you not focus on the business being carried out.

Less innovation

Businesses that continue to grow must continue to innovate. You need to practice creativity and innovation for your business, both in terms of products or promotions. Businesses that lack innovation can lose customers because customers feel bored and so on. Innovation and creativity are indispensable in running a business in any field.

Not sensitive to the market

If you want your business to be successful and grow, of course you have to pay attention to market changes. Various demands and trend developments can be considered in determining the right steps in business. You must be observant in paying attention to the various changes that occur in the market so that you can better understand what customers want. This can make you produce a better product that many customers want.

Cannot control finances

Financial problems can be a crucial problem related to business failure factors. Entrepreneurs who are just starting a business often use their personal money for capital and business development. This is something that is not wrong but you still have to be careful. You need to separate your business money and personal money. This may seem trivial, but if it continues it can be dangerous for your business. One of the bad consequences can hamper cash flow so that business management becomes stuck. This could risk the business not growing or the business getting stuck and stopping.

Lack of commitment

Running a business must be done wholeheartedly. Efforts that are not done wholeheartedly for any reason can be a factor in business failure. Successful ventures are built on hard work and commitment. You have to be serious in running the business. Maybe you will experience boredom but don’t let your mood swings affect your business.

Scale too quickly

Developing a business is certainly a very positive thing and must be done by every entrepreneur. Before developing a larger business, you must pay attention to various things that are the basis of the business such as capital and various resources. Not a few businesses fail because they are developing too fast a business scale.