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5 Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy


Oct 10, 2020
5 Tips to Avoid Bankruptcy

Everyone will definitely experience fluctuations in their life. As the saying goes, life is sometimes above, sometimes below. Yes, this adage will continue to apply forever. Included in financial matters.

A wise man says, a person’s fate will not change if he does not change it himself. Yes, quite a lot of people have experienced it. For example, comedian Sutisna alias Sule used to be just a busker, trader and comedian from stage to stage. But now, his life changed 180 degrees. Sule is now wallowing in wealth. It’s because he works hard and is good at managing life.
There are also people who were previously rich turned poor. This change of fate occurred because of their own behavior who did not prepare how to avoid bankruptcy.

Turn off the plan

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to avoid bankruptcy, of course there must be efforts to make many breakthroughs so that your business is more innovative. So that consumers who are regular customers will not run to the ‘next store’ because the product you are selling is not new.
The key is, if you want to make a product innovation for the business you are in, first decide what the plan will be. Innovation is allowed and even must be done, but without careful calculation the results will be in vain.

Have the ability

Money will go to people who have the capacity or ability that benefits many people. Who is this person? Of course he is a person who has value.
A singer must have value because he can sell his singing skills. Likewise a lawyer, many people are looking for this profession because they are needed to help assist various cases faced by clients. And the lawyer certainly has value in the eyes of his client.
High-profile lawyer experienced a downturn when he was named a suspect in a corruption case several years ago. He admitted that his career and life were almost bankrupt because all access to income had been stopped because people no longer believed his suspect status.
However, because he has the ability in one area that he is involved in, namely law, he can be free from these legal problems. And now, his law firm service business is again in great demand by clients.
This, be a person who has the ability even in one field. Because if you have the ability in anything and have value in the eyes of many people, then you don’t have to bother looking for money, otherwise money will catch up with you.

Smart investment

There is no dictionary if someone who is diligent in saving and investing will go bankrupt. Conversely, by saving and investing, your wealth will increase.Currently, you can save in gold or stocks that have the potential to double. The government is actively campaigning about saving stocks that you can buy at very affordable prices. In the past, buying shares could only be done by wealthy people, Just be sure, if you save your current stock and take it 10 years later, then you will be surprised by the difference in nominal. By saving stocks, you don’t have to worry about going bankrupt, otherwise you will make big profits. Although the risk is well worth it. With notes, you have to learn to really understand the world of the capital market.

Don’t try things that are not mastered

One of the reasons why so many people go bankrupt is because they try to get into things they are not good at. For example, you are an honorary teacher or private employee who is trying to register as a candidate in a party.You definitely know how much money was spent to run as a legislative candidate. Moreover, your ability in politics is very lacking. Remember, getting into politics really requires a qualified strategy in order to qualify as a legislative member.
Missteps, not only financial loss, psychologically also have a lot of impact if you experience failure. And bankruptcy is certainly in sight. So, never try to try things that are not mastered. Unless you really want to learn and are ready to take all the risks.

Know expenses

Don’t just think about a lot of money, you go around shopping this and that without considering the impact. Moreover, each item has never been calculated in detail. Habits like this can make you bankrupt because of the many unrecorded expenses.
Even if you are still single or have a family, try to be professional in managing every expense. You can prepare a special book to record various expenses for each day, week and month. After that you can evaluate what expenses should be suppressed and set aside.
In this way, you will avoid bankruptcy. Because the way you manage your finances can be measured and directed. If you are good at managing finances, then there is no way you will feel bankruptcy. On the contrary, you will feel how beneficial it is to be able to manage your own finances which will be beneficial for your future.