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5 Tips for Finding Professional and Trustworthy Divorce Lawyers


May 30, 2020
5 Tips for Finding Professional and Trustworthy Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is one of the things that commonly happens in married life.In addition to moral burdens, there are other crucial things that accompany each divorce case, starting from the distribution of property, child custody, and so on. Under the Article, marriages can be terminated because of death, divorce, and the court’s decision. In addition, divorce can only be conducted before a court hearing after the court in question has tried and failed to reconcile.

Reasons for Divorce Justified by Law

Your divorce claim will be processed by the court if it is deemed to be in accordance with the provisions of the Marriage Law that reads: Marriage is said that the reasons that can be used as a basis for divorce are:

1. One party commits adultery or becomes a drunkard, compactor, gambler and others who are difficult to cure;

2. One party leaves the other for 2 (two) consecutive years without the permission of the other party and without a valid reason or for other reasons against its will;

3. One of the parties receives a 5 (five) year imprisonment or a more severe sentence after the marriage takes place;

4. One party commits atrocities or serious persecution that endangers the other party;

5. One of the parties has a disability or illness that results in being unable to carry out their obligations as husband / wife;

6. Between husband and wife there are continual disputes and quarrels and there is no hope of living in harmony again in the household.

About Divorce

Divorce can be categorized into two types, namely divorce or divorce. Divorce occurs when a couple files a divorce suit in court for some reason, for example household disharmony, and so on. While divorced death can occur because a husband / wife dies. The divorce lawsuit can be accepted if the defendant states or shows an attitude of not wanting to return to the shared residence

In conclusion, divorce will only be recognized by the national laws if pronounced by the husband in the Religious Court. Conversely, if spoken outside the Religious Courts, divorce remains valid, but only in the eyes of religious law. In addition, divorce can only be done after the Religious Court cannot reconcile the two parties (husband and wife). Because it involves legal issues that cannot be decided in a playful manner, someone who is about to divorce is strongly advised to hire the services of a professional and trustworthy lawyer. So that cases can be resolved quickly and without significant obstacles.

1. Have an Advocate / Lawyer License

A lawyer can be called a professional if he already has an official license as an advocate / lawyer in his duties. So, make sure that you submit the case to a trusted lawyer so that all proceedings in court can be resolved properly.

2. Experienced in their fields

Make sure he is a lawyer who already has a lot of experience in his field. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Sharia is certainly more trustworthy in handling divorce cases, right?
An attorney’s flying hours will also greatly affect the quality of service you will get during the legal process. So, make sure the people you appoint as a chaperone at the trial are those who have legal skills.

3. Professional

Divorce will certainly take up your time. In some cases, you must always coordinate with lawyers intensely. Make sure the advocate you choose is professional enough to handle the case in court. Also check whether the lawyer is easy to contact just to ask about the progress of the case at trial. There are types of lawyers who are too lazy to just answer their clients’ phones, you know.

4. Reasonable rates

The amount of fees and rates will be submitted the first time you consult to use the services of a lawyer. Don’t let your budget run out just to pay a lawyer. For this reason, it is important that you ask clearly the amount of costs that must be incurred until the legal process is complete, such as registration fees, filing, and others.

5. Have a Clear Office

To make sure a lawyer can work well and not be foolish, double check whether he has an office with a clear address. Although communication can be done via telephone or e-mail, knowing the address of the attorney’s office is an absolute thing to do so that you are not disappointed and deceived in the future. If you are still confused about finding a divorce attorney who is not only trustworthy, but also professional, just trust the Attorney’s Office.