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5 Reasons It’s Important To Have Property Insurance


Sep 29, 2020
5 Reasons It’s Important To Have Property Insurance

Property insurance is a type of protection for property assets such as houses, apartments, warehouses, and offices. The purpose of Property Insurance is to anticipate financial losses due to unexpected events that happen to property. Unexpected events in the form of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, as well as things caused by human negligence such as fires, explosions, and riots.

Protecting House Buildings and Its Contents

The main function of property insurance is to provide guaranteed protection to the house or residence that you have and its contents.
Property Asset You will get protection coverage from various risks of damage due to fire, natural disasters, and other causes of damage. This can be extended to cover the risk of loss due to theft or other crimes, as well as coverage against other interference.

Provide a sense of security

This property insurance protection can also be used to deal with uncertain risk of loss, such as fire, natural disaster, theft, or other risks. This will certainly give you peace and security and confidence as the owner of the asset. If these risks occur and you experience a loss, there will be an appropriate reimbursement from the insurance company.

Low Cost

In the type of standard fire insurance policy in Indonesia, the insurance premium value is very small on average, namely 0.0294% of the total asset value. For example, you have a house and its contents worth Rp. 1 billion. The premium you have to pay is only Rp. 294,000

Replace Damaged Property

Property insurance provides reimbursement for damage or loss of your property. The conditions for compensation are that the loss does not occur due to your own negligence or according to the applicable provisions in the policy agreement.

Avoiding Financial Problems

If the building of your house and everything in it catches fire, you will incur huge financial losses. Of course, the costs that you will spend to repair and replace all of these properties are not small. Property insurance provides compensation for these losses so you can still protect your financial situation.