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5 Best Universities For Bachelor Legal Degree And Fee


Nov 30, 2020
5 Best Universities For Bachelor Legal Degree And Fee

Many universities around the world can award law degrees, but it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. We’ve listed the best universities and fees for undergraduate law programs for you. Check out the reviews!

1. Stanford University

Stanford University is known to have varied and varied law courses, starting with an overview of the first year covering criminal, contract, prosecution law and legal research and writing. After the first year, students can choose from 280 different course titles to specialize in an area that interests them. There are more than 50 student organizations run by Stanford University law students, including the Stanford law student association against gender violence, women in politics and the black law student association.


The Tuition Fee for a law school at Stanford University is $ 60,072. Tuition fees are due in October, January, and April. The cost of accommodation in a university dormitory costs around $ 25,998. The necessary books, if purchased new, cost about $ 1,530 a year. Costs for transportation, clothing, recreation, and the like tend to vary. Most students feel they need to budget at least $ 96,429 per school year.

2. Duke University

The Duke School of Law is one of 10 schools at Duke University. The school is consistently highly ranked and has a competitive admission process & only accepts around 20 percent of applicants per year. Contemporary Law and Issues is the university’s oldest legal journal. The Duke Law Journal is the first student-edited legal journal and publishes articles from scholars on topics of general concern about the legal system and legal studies.

The school also offers several degree programs along with other schools such as graduate schools, business schools and medical schools. About a quarter of students are enrolled in a combined degree program.


The full-time program tuition fee for the Law School at Duke University is $ 64,722.

3. Cambridge University

The Law School offers six different degrees such as MPhil in criminology, MPhil in criminological research, diploma in legal studies and diploma in international law. The specialty of this university is having a library called the Squire Law Library. This library is one of the three largest collections of law libraries in the UK. This library is the strongest and most comprehensive in British law, containing collections of legal systems around the world including the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


The tuition fee for international students starting their course in 2020 is £ 21,168. The fees listed are per year fees and are set over the duration of the course for international students, the tuition fees paid to the University of Cambridge for a year will be 50% of the full-time fee.

4. Yale University

The admissions process at Yale University is one of the most selective in the US, with less than 10 percent of applicants being admitted each year. The university has a number of clinics that allow students to represent clients on real-world problems. Up to 80 percent of law students at Yale University take part in these clinics before they graduate. The clinic covers a wide variety of areas of law. The university’s law school alumni are Hillary Clinton and former US presidents Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford.


The law school tuition fee at this university is $ 63,878. Administration Fee and Activity Fee is approximately $ 2,250. The cost of accommodation and personal expenses is approximately $ 18,915. Books and other writing supplies are around $ 1,100.

5. University of Oxford

The law school at Oxford University is one of the largest universities in the UK. There are a number of centers and institutions within the law school, such as the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, the European Comparative Law Institute, the Center for Socio-Legal Studies, the Oxford Center for Intellectual Property Research and the Criminology Center.


The annual tuition fee for international students who are studying full-time is £ 26,235. The cost of living at Oxford for the academic year starting in 2019 is estimated to be between £ 1,058 and £ 1,643 per month. The university academic year consists of three eight-week periods, so you usually don’t need to be in Oxford for more than six months of the year.