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5 Benefits of Having Prudential’s Work Insurance that You Can Use


Nov 1, 2020
5 Benefits of Having Prudential’s Work Insurance that You Can Use

It cannot be denied that every employee has their own risk to their work, both indoors and outdoors. The reason is, things that are not desirable related to accidents can happen. To overcome this, it is better if every company or business entity provides insurance to its workers.

One of the Indonesian Workforce Insurance is PRUWorks from Prudential. This insurance is a corporate insurance that is useful for providing protection to its employees. There are the best consulting and packages offered by maximizing the company budget.

In addition, PRUWorks can adapt to company needs. In this way, good protection planning provided by the company can increase the productivity of its employees. Specifically, Prudential Work Insurance has other benefits. Anything? Come on, see 5 of them below!

Easy Requirements

PRUWorks offers comprehensive group insurance coverage for businesses with a minimum of 5 employees. This advantage can also be used by various business entities such as startups or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Easy Benefit Selection Process

Not only that, there are various choices of plans and sum assured that can suit the company’s needs so that the selection process is easier.

Ease of Policy Submission

One of the advantages PRUWorks offers is the ease of applying for a Policy. All of its services have implemented a paperless system for the submission process, starting from eProposal, eSPAK, to uploading required documents through PRUWorks.

Information Distribution and Easy Participation

Every business entity can easily get information and the membership process. Work safety and Labor Insurance are processed through PRUWorks for HR, Employees, and Partners.
Claim Process Easier

Finally, Prudential’s Workforce Insurance is available in more than 1000 partner hospitals and clinics. The claim process is also easier because it uses eClaim Submission through

PRUWorks for employees.

To provide easy employee protection with comprehensive services, Prudential has three PRUWorks products for the protection of workers in Indonesia. Some of them are:

PRUCorporate Life

Realizing the convenience of providing peace to the family of employees with life protection. Life insurance, which provides a Death Coverage, is equipped with additional insurance to choose from, including total and permanent disability benefits, critical illness benefits, terminal illness benefits, and death benefits due to accidents.

PRUCorporate Personal Accident

Realizing convenience by providing peace of mind at work for employees with personal accident protection. This Work Accident Insurance, which provides the Sum Insured for Death due to an accident, is equipped with additional insurance to choose from, including benefits for permanent disability due to accidents and compensation for medical expenses due to accidents.

PRUCorporate Medical

Providing easy access to health services for employees and their families. This Labor Insurance also provides medical reimbursement for inpatient treatment which can be complemented by additional insurance to choose from, including childbirth benefits, outpatient benefits, dental care benefits, and eyewear benefits.

So, those are the various benefits of PRUWorks Employment Insurance. It should be noted that every employee is not always the same. If you have received Employee Insurance from the office, just take advantage of this insurance. However, if you still need other insurance, such as vehicle insurance or insurance that can be used as an investment, there is nothing wrong with registering for the required insurance. What is clear, always adjust the insurance to your needs.