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10 Causes and Solutions to Domestic Problems


Sep 20, 2020
10 Causes and Solutions to Domestic Problems

A harmonious household is not without conflicts and problems. Instead various problems and conflicts will prove the maturity of a relationship. Because actually every problem must be faced and sought a solution, not avoided. For this reason, married couples need to know the problems that often occur in the household, along with how to solve them.

Here are 10 common problems that occur in the household, and the solution:

1. Finance

Finance is indeed a complicated problem when two people unite in the bond of marriage. Usually this financial problem occurs when the husband has a small income and does not meet the needs of life in the household, so the wife often becomes emotional and disobedient to the husband.


To overcome this problem must be handled wisely by husband and wife. Discuss carefully and find solutions together. In addition it is important to be frugal and use money based on priority needs, not based on desire.

2. Absence of children

The presence of children is always eagerly awaited by every married couple. This is what causes household conflict.


To overcome the problem of the absence of children, a married couple must be wise. Try to see a gynecologist together. Find out what causes the absence of the baby. So that if there are known reproductive health problems can be immediately given therapy. But if there are no health problems, maybe a married couple just need to be patient. While waiting, maybe the couple can do a second honeymoon in an effort to bring a baby.

3. Infidelity

Infidelity often occurs in marital relationships. And this is the most cause of divorce. This happens because it is caused by various factors, such as insatiable bed relations, financial problems and so on.


There must be openness between the husband and wife, tell the reasons why having an affair and find a solution. If the affair is difficult to handle, maybe you need to involve other parties such as parents and family. Do not rush to decide on divorce, if there is still a way of peace, it is better together to improve themselves and forgive each other.

4. Sexual life

Sex matters have indeed become important for married couples. If one party is not fulfilled sexual satisfaction, can lead to quarrels even infidelity.


Openness between husband and wife is required. Tell me the real situation. This is to reduce suspicion and bad thoughts. If your husband / wife’s sexual arousal decreases, a solution can be found. For example, by staying in a hotel or in the city, such as a second honeymoon. But if these efforts don’t work, maybe you need to consult a sexologist.

5. The wife is less skilled in taking care of the household

This problem indeed often appears at the beginning of marriage. The wife is less skilled in taking care of the household such as cooking, washing clothes, ironing clothes, and cleaning the house. This sometimes makes the husband feel disappointed and upset.


For this problem if the husband has a financial condition that can be overcome by hiring domestic helpers. But if on the contrary, the husband should give understanding to the wife, so that they are enthusiastic in carrying out their activities as a housewife. If necessary, the husband helps with household chores to ease the burden on the wife.

6. In-law interferes

In a household where the presence of a parent or parent-in-law interferes with family problems, it can cause problems between husband and wife. Like in-laws who have too many comments, too many rebukes and so on.


For this problem maturity and calm are needed in dealing with in-laws or parents. Don’t express anger directly in front of them. Talk carefully if you both need privacy and can solve your own problems.

7. Communication

Each other’s activities often causes obstruction of husband and wife communication. Different activities cause the husband or wife lack of time to talk, tell stories or just a variety of flavors. As a result there will be misunderstanding that triggers a fight.


Quality time is really needed to solve communication problems. At least once a week you need to take a vacation together, eat out together or just exercise together to maintain communication between husband and wife. Try to have breakfast or dinner together. If you do not have time, try to make time to be together on weekends.

8. Difference

True marriage is to unite two different people. These differences include many things such as background, nature, character, habits and personality. This is what causes a household to become more colorful. But not infrequently this difference also causes a mismatch between these two human beings which ultimately causes problems in the household.


This difference will indeed always exist even with the age of marriage that has been very long. The solution is to respect and adjust to differences. The key is with good communication between husband and wife.

9. Differences in views

Having a different opinion is normal, only when the ego is out of control, causing the condition or atmosphere to become hot and not harmonious.


Respect differences, differences of opinion are often found in households but responding with adulthood is the best solution for this problem.

10. Education

Educational differences between husband and wife often trigger misunderstandings. If one is highly educated while the spouse is the opposite, sometimes it becomes a problem in communication and way of looking at a thing.


Understanding and understanding each other will minimize conflict. For couples whose education is lower, it might be able to add insight by reading a lot, taking courses and others. While for those who are highly educated, do not denigrate their partners, instead support them to increase knowledge in any field.

Well moms, about what causes the conflict in your home? But whatever the problem, the point is openness. Discuss all problems carefully and find a way out. Don’t make it a habit of harboring problems that will only become a time bomb. Understand and try to understand each other’s desires. Believe me, there is always a solution for every problem if we always work for it.